Thursday, September 3, 2009

Of Course It Works

"Everyone has a plan until they get hit."- Mike Tyson

The Inspector General for the CIA issued a report that said what anyone with common sense (meaning everyone not in the ACLU) will find easy to believe: that when the CIA starting treating Khalid Sheik Mohammed they way Lawrence Taylor treated Joe Theisman; Mohammed started dropping more dimes than Sammy Gravano. (See link at bottom.)

It wasn't that the CIA treated him brutally, here is what they did to him: they depraved the 9/11 mastermind of sleep for a week, put him in diapers, and water-boarded him.

To me, it sounds like a subplot from a Tarrantino movie that would garner at least a few Golden Globe nominations for best screenplay.

Of course we water-boarded him so much, that after a month, he thought he was in the Beach Boys.

But seriously let me give you here is what happened:

We capture Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

He refuses to give us any information regarding terrorist plots currently planned or the names/locations of terrorists.

We throw the diapers on him, engage him in a few water sports and keep him awake.

What happens next? Bingo! He gives us names and plots, including the terrorist plotting to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge.

The info we received saved untold American lives.

Mohammed went from giving us the silent treatment to singing like Pavarotti. After the diapers, he was so cooperative in providing answers that he became a lifeline for a CIA agent who appeared on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."

Now of course Amnesty International and the ACLU that the enhanced interrogation techniques used against Mohammed did not cause him to provide the critical information.

Here is Tom Parker policy director for counter- terrorism rights at Amnesty International commenting on whether the rough-hosing of Mohammed led to his providing critical info :

"This is a fool's argument in any event. There is no way to prove or disprove the counterfactual."

I love groups like Amnesty that will tell you with certainty something false that we all know is true.

Going to Amnesty for advice on how to fight terrorism is like asking Helen Keller to comment on the sound quality of my Bose headphones. And its more risky than leaving your girlfriend alone in a restaurant with Rick Pitino.

Tom Parker is also a policy director for human rights at Amnesty International. By human rights, he means the rights of terrorists like Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Of course, when I think of human rights, I think of those who had to make the unspeakable decision almost 8 years ago to either burn to death or jump out of a window 100 stories high.

And they had to make that decision because of Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

In their policy and in their public statements and actions, do you ever get the sense that Amnesty International and the ACLU ever thinks of the victims of Khalid Sheik Mohammed?

I mean ever?

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