Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clinton Fu*ked An Intern; Obama Fu*ks Companies That Use Interns

Remember how Clinton had the problem with the intern? Well Obama has a problem with companies that use interns. Specifically, it's the for- profit companies that Obama has a beef with. (Something about people making a profit drives this man nuts.) Obama has sent his legal henchmen (and women & anything else I left out) from the Department of Labor to crack the whip-because all of a sudden, in Obama's America, the use of interns violates the minimum wage laws. Never mind the valuable experience and contacts that young people gain by becoming interns. In Obama world, it's exploitation of the masses, simple & plain.

But it's only exploitation if a for-profit company does it, you see. Non-profits are exempt. Never mind that interns get paid the same whether the company is a for-profit or non-profit: zero.

And guess who has hired thousands upon thousands of interns? Obama. He used interns for his 2008 campaign. He uses them now. He pays them nothing. He gives them no travel expenses. He does not provide them lunch.

But the Labor department crackdown does not apply to Obama's interns. They work for a non-profit.

And working for free to extend the socialist agenda is a very rewarding experience in Obama's America.

The Unpaid Intern, Legal or Not -

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