Saturday, April 24, 2010

They Deserve Each Other

The Yankees will be visiting the White House on Monday to celebrate their 2009 World Series victory. George Steinbrenner has told friends its going to be a great honor to finally meet President Hoover.

By the way, I heard that A-Rod will ask Obama if the health care law covers steroids.

Yankee GM Brian Cashman should have a lot to talk about with Obama. They both spend other people's money recklessly, with no concern for budgets.

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Anonymous said...

From a business/financial perspective, if the Mets did exactly what the Yanks do and had similar results, you would be touting them as America's team, exemplifying America, capitalism the old fashioned way. You would be discussing the greatest business and financial management minds in the country...the Wilpons. Even in jest, it sounds ridiculous. DMC you later. Peace bro.