Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Patterson Is Kicked Off The Stoop

The Stoop has stuck by the much maligned Governor Patterson through all his tough times. But today he proposed something that Baldman cannot turn a blind eye to.

Patterson wants to greatly expand the unconstitutional practice of granting racial, ethnic and gender preferences to companies that provide goods & services to NY state government.

Patterson should be condemned for proposing this. The racial or ethnic background of a business owner has nothing to do with whether that business is competently run and can provide services to the state in a cost effective manner.

We all know that there is no legitimate state interest that would compel New York to ask businesses that want to bid on state contracts to reveal the racial background of the business owner.


But liberals wouldn't be liberals if they could not discriminate on the basis of race.

Always remember that when a liberal solemnly tells you he supports civil rights.

Gov. Paterson Proposes Expansion of Procurement Preferences — By ...

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