Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maybe They Should Have Asked Him His Favorite Cricket Player in Indonesia

Some more quick hits on the Prez throwing out the first ball and his fraudulent attempt in claiming he is a baseball fan:

1) How appropriate is it that he threw out the first ball at a Washington Nationals game? I mean, the guy has nationalized banks, auto companies, student loans & health care. It was a perfect jersey for him to wear.

2) When he got to the mound, he whipped out a White Sox hat, and then went into the broadcast booth to proclaim his allegiance to the White Sox. This is where it gets funny. When he's asked who his favorite White Sox player is, he can't come up with one name. It was like watching that Honeymooners episode where Ralph is on the $99,000 Question Quiz Show and he can't name the composer of Swanee River Then he made it even funnier by mispronouncing the name of the Stadium where the White Sox used to play. The name is "Comisky Park". He called in "Cominsky". In the past, on Bob Costas, he called it "Cominskey Field." Let me tell you something: if I claimed to be a big Met fan, and you asked me who my favorite Met was, and I could not name one guy who played for the team-would you think I was a fan? And if I went further and told you I used to love going to "Shee Park" to see the Mets play, as opposed to "Shea Stadium"--where they actually played-- wouldn't I have revealed myself as someone trying to pretend I was a fan? Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with not liking baseball. But trying to pass yourself off as a fan when you clearly know nothing about the game just feels slimy.

3) Maybe if he knew Castro was a big baseball fan, it might spark an interest.

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