Sunday, April 4, 2010

I See Said the Blind Man

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few days. For Baldman, the start of Spring means allergies and as such, I developed an allergic reaction in my left eye. Along with the usual redness and burning, the eye became very sensitive to light and I found it impossible to read and write. Once I was unable to read and write, I expected a basketball scholarship offer from John Calapari, but none arrived. So basically I stayed in very dark rooms with no books, magazines or newspapers to read. I guess you can call it getting in touch with my inner- liberal.

Regarding the eye, I tried a bunch of over the counter eye drops. No good. I took allergy pills. Swing and a miss. I went to the glorious NY Spa Castle in Queens and tried their steam and sauna rooms to alleviate the condition. It did not work. The only thing that has brought any relief was something I stumbled onto today. I put on my Billy Martin in the '70s sunglasses to avoid the stinging sun and walked around Prospect Park. While finishing my lap, I came across a water fountain. Now its way early in the season, so I did not expect the water fountain to work. But low and behold, it did. And I don't know how water fountains work--to me, the whole water delivery system is a miracle-- but perhaps because the pipes were as cold as could be from the winter, this water was the COLDEST & MOST REFRESHING water I ever drank in my life. Take the coldest tap you ever drank at Farrell's and try to imagine something even better, cause this is what I experienced. You know how you do something sometimes without even thinking? That's what happened next. Without even realizing it, I let the water hit my stinging eye. I know water fountains are not the most sanitary places. I also know that some maniac serial killer could have drank from the same fountain just before me. But you know what, as soon as that Prospect Park water splashed into my left eye, I felt more relief than all of the others things I tried combined.

Another reason to love the park.

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