Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reduction Means Addition

The art of liberal problem solving:

When in doubt, appoint a committee. Have the committee study an issue. Have the committee appoint a subcommittee. Kick the can down the road. Or why put off until tomorrow something I can do the day after tomorrow?

So how does Obama want to address our huge deficit? By appointing a deficit-reduction commission. Can you imagine how 50 years from now the last 2 months will look like to historians? The American history pages will read like this: " In February 2010, in order to address the unparalleled deficit facing America, President Obama appointed a deficit- reduction commission. One month later, he signed into law health care for the middle class- the biggest entitlement program since FDR's New Deal."

Talk about a disconnect.

To show how serious he is about deficit reduction, Obama has appointed Andy Stern to the commission. Stern is the president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Think about that appointment. A union president on a deficit- reduction commission? Have you ever in your life heard any union member or leader advocate for less government spending?

What expertise does Stern bring to the commission? What a joke. It would be like Nevada appointing Pete Rose to the Nevada Gaming Commission.

I'm willing to bet that every time Stern has received a contract proposal from the federal, state or local governments, his reaction has ALWAYS been "You need to increase that proposal."

But this is the guy who will help America get her fiscal house in order.

Truth be known, we already have a deficit -reduction commission. Its called the President & the Congress. All they have to do is pass a bill that spends less money.

But instead, they appoint a commission tell them what to do-which will be exactly what Obama wants to do anyway: INCREASE TAXES.

What's the use of being a Socialist -in-Chief if you can't tax the shit out of people?

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