Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why They Lie

I just conducted an informal Stoop poll and the results are in.

Question: What or where is the safest place on Earth?

Answer: Wherever there is a Tea Party Rally.

Liberals have a funny trait: they create shit that is not there and ignore shit right in front of their face.

As we all know, there has not been ANY VIOLENCE at ANY TEA Party rally. Zero. It's so peaceful, its like being in Amish country-minus the carpentry.

And it drives the libs crazy.

So they talk about impending violence. Please. This is an old and tired tactic; they run this play more often than Phil Jackson tells the Lakers "get the ball to Kobe".

It's called the Dehumanization of Dissent.

Here's how the game is played:

Conservative: I think racial preferences violate the Constitution as well as the civil rights laws.

Liberal: You are a racist.

They have no interest in debating on the merits; so they smear you by calling you a name. By doing so, they turn the tables by making your character the issue, as opposed to the topic at hand.

And they use it because it works. They know the media will poison the well. They know most people hate to be called a racist, homophobe, etc, so they will shy away from engaging liberals on issues.

And that is why the Tea Party Movement is so refreshing. These Americans have said we know the left, including the President, will vilify us, stereotype us and try to dismiss us. But this is too important to let them win. Not now. Not in America.

They have my admiration.

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