Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's a Wild World

During my Prospect Park walk, I ran into a lot of the same "park people" that I have seen for years. One guy is a dead ringer for Cat Stevens. He's a nice fella, and he told me once that he walks 10 times around the park every other day.

When I saw him today, it triggered a theory I had about Cat Stevens, who transformed himself from a peace-loving folk singer to a Muslim fundamentalist who agreed with the fatwa declared against Salman Rushdie.

My theory is that even when he was a hippie folk singer, Stevens was really trying to tell us he was a terrorist supporter in the making. Take a song like "Wild World." When you analyze the lyrics through the post-Islamic embracing Stevens, it comes off as a warning as what was going to happen down the road. It wouldn't even surprise me if the original verse went like this:

If you have to fly, take good care
Remember there's a lot of jihadists out there

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