Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stoop Dreams: Arizona

Mister President, Mister Immigration Man,
Let me in, sweetie, to your fair land.- "Rip This Joint"-Rolling Stones

Things are much too divisive in this country. I think the time has come where we focus on things that unite us as Americans. How about we all get together under a big tent?

One thing that unites us is homosexual marriage. We are united as a nation in being against it. I say that only because it has been put to vote via the referendum process in 31 states. In all 31 states the people have voted to not permit homosexual marriage. Think about that: 31 for 31. Even Steve Nash can't match that from the free throw line.

Another thing that unites us is immigration. As a nation, we are against amnesty for illegal aliens. And we want our immigration laws enforced. That is not just me speaking; poll after poll show that between 70%-75% of Americans want our borders secure in addition to not rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship. 7 out of 10 or 3 out of 4 is a pretty strong majority, no?

Which brings us to Arizona, which shares a border with Mexico. The Mexican government has a very unusual policy: it exports its citizens to America. Whether we want them to or not. And as I stated above, the overwhelming majority of Americans don't want Mexico to engage in this practice.

But it would be silly of us to rely on Mexico to stop this practice. After all, the Mexican government does not represent us. It represents Mexicans, and rightfully so.

So we look to our government to enforce our laws that reflect the will of our people. And we have those laws on the books. Good solid laws that prohibit unlawful immigration into this country. But alas, laws without enforcement are like Leon Spinks: toothless.

For the past 20 years, the federal government has enforced our immigration laws with the same resolve of OJ Simpson vowing to find the real killer. Even Reagan was bad on this issue. Hey, even Ted Williams struck out every once in a while.

And as a result, our borders are defended so poorly, you would think that Mike D'Antoni was the head of the U.S. border patrol. As Dennis Miller says, go to the Mexican-Arizona border at midnight with night-vision goggles. It looks like the start of the Boston Marathon with ponchos.

And so the people of Arizona have waited patiently for the federal government to enforce our laws. They have waited through the unrelenting border-related crime, the massive strain on its social services, and the unforgivable undercutting of the wages of Arizona natives-especially cruel at a time when unemployment is hovering around 10%.

But sometimes when your house is on fire, you can't wait for the fire department to put it out-especially when the fire department has made it clear that your house is not a priority.

So Arizona has done a sensible thing: it has passed a state law making it a crime to be in the U.S. illegally as well as allowing state law enforcement officials to ask people for identification to prove that they are in the U.S. legally.

Because liberals see illegal aliens as "soon to be registered Democrats", they have gone--surprise, surprise-- bat-shit since Governor Brewer has signed the bill into law.

But think about it: if our laws make it illegal for someone to enter the country what can be wrong with a law...making it illegal to be in the country? Listen, if Arizona passed a law that was in contradiction with federal law, the liberals would be right on this one. But this law just puts some teeth into the federal laws that are already on the books.

Liberals- who are issued smoke and mirrors as soon as they register as Democrats- say that this law will lead to civil rights violations. Don't you love it when the party of racial, ethnic and gender preferences wrap themselves in the mantle of civil rights?

So let's talk about civil rights. Liberals actually think that asking somebody for identification while they are running across the border is a civil rights violation. If they had their way--and they probably will by the way--the law would require that the same illegal alien receive health care, welfare, housing, food stamps and an ACLU card as soon as he set foot on American soil.

Speaking of civil rights, I was just wondering; how do you acquire them if you gained entry into America by violating our immigration laws? Isn't it like going to Macy's and demanding an employee discount while working at Walmart? A bank robber can't expect the bank to issue him a loan, right?

So far, Al Sharpton has said he will lead a protest in Arizona, and San Francisco has called for a boycott.

Let the good Reverend go down to Arizona. This is the man who led a protest at Freddy's Fashion Mart in Harlem saying that he did not want any white interlopers in Harlem. Later on, one of the protesters burned the place down, killing 7 people along the way.

So the Sharpton Doctrine is This: White Americans in Harlem-Get The Fuck Out; Illegal Aliens in Arizona- We Welcome You With Open Arms.

Let him lead the way. We can all use his moral instruction on how to treat others.

As for the San Francisco Boycott, all I can say is: PLEASE MEAN IT.

If Arizona cracks down on illegal immigration, and liberals promise to boycott the state, the Stoop will one day be in the desert sand.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Al is expecting these illegals to help him out with his Fed & State tax issues...