Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dr Death

Some thoughts on the HBO movie on Jack Kevorkian, starring Al Pacino and premiering tonight on HBO:

1) Pacino says he performed extensive research in order to portray Dr. Death. That means he watched some old Larry King interviews and tried on some coke bottle glasses. Always remember acting is the most overrated profession in the world. Someone writes words for you, another person puts you in a costume, and they give you cue cards to read the words out loud. That about covers it.

2) When Dr. Jack was serving his sentence for killing people, the warden should have allowed him to perform the lethal injections for death row inmates. It could have saved the state some money.

3) Dr. Jack had a very unique medical practice. He would tell patients: "Take two of these, and you don't have to worry about calling me in the morning."

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