Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Money For Nothing

As we wrote last week, with the closing of the rubber rooms, the city is sending a lot of these "teachers" back into the schools to do administrative work while their cases are pending. But I had a question regarding what are they doing with the teachers that are accused of sexual or violent misconduct. What's the plan for them? I found out my answer. Under the agreement between the city and the Teacher's Union, they get to go home. And collect their checks. For years and years, while their cases wind there way through the system, they will do nothing. And get paid for it. All on the taxpayers tit. As for the ones that win their cases, but the city feels they are too dangerous to be with school children-they get to go home and collect their checks indefinitely.

Can you imagine what it must have been like in the rubber room when their union delegate came in and announced they don't have to report there anymore- they can just stay home and collect their salaries? Happy days were here again for the incompetent and/or dangerous teachers who have no business being anywhere near a classroom.

But its a good thing that the rubber rooms are closing down, right?

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