Sunday, April 18, 2010

They Can't Get Together

Here's the NYT's on Defense Secretary Robert Gates:

The New York Times reported in its Sunday editions that Mr. Gates had warned in a secret three-page memo that the United States did not have an effective long-range policy for dealing with Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear capability.

Think about that: The Secretary of Defense is saying that we have nothing in place to stop an out of control Islamic regime from acquiring nuclear weapons. The mere fact that he had to write this memo as a way to get the White House to focus on this says everything you need to know about how our security is compromised by Obama.

You know how a child acts out sometimes to get a parent's attention? Gates is no child, but this memo is his way of getting Obama's attention and telling him: "Deal With This Threat."

Lets see if I got this straight: the people who run Iran are crazy, and nuclear weapons are the most destructive weapons man has ever created. And we have nothing in place to stop this get together? Iran and nuclear weapons are like Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown: they do enough harm separately, therefore there is no reason they should ever get together. We shouldn't even let them acquire steak knives, never mind nuclear weapons.

But if the Administration is looking for a plan, Baldman has one for them.

When the Gulf War was imminent, Secretary of State James Baker took an Iraqi diplomat aside and told him in no uncertain terms: "Listen fuckhead, take this message back to Saddam: if you use chemical weapons, we will nuke you. You think I am fucking with you? I am not fucking with you."

Bottom line: they knew Baker was serious, so they never used chemical or biological weapons.

Regarding Iran, their crazy leader, the guy with the Members Only jacket has to hear a similar message. He has to be told that our nuclear weapons are not like fine China & Silverware. They are not just for show. That we like to take them out for a test drive every so often. And we will drop them on his head if Iran takes ANY STEPS towards building nuclear weapons.

Obama needs to stop talking about public options and start talking about nuclear options.

And mean it.

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Legalbgl said...

The chances that anyone in the current administration has the balls to do that (which I agree eneds to be done), are slim and none!