Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rambling Man: A Hole in His Thinking

Obama was asked at a Town Hall-style meeting the other day a simple question: "Are Americans overtaxed?" He responded with a 17 minute rambling defense of socialized medicine. He never got around to answering the question. For a man who has no use for the filibuster, he sure knows how to use it. At one point, he used an analogy about a hole in a roof as a way to teach the huddled masses why socialized medicine is good for America.

Here's Obama's analogy:

you’ve got a house and you’ve got a big hole in your roof, and it’s raining and snowing through that roof, and there’s some people who are inside the rooms where the roof’s OK and they’re nice and warm, and then you’ve got a few — you know, your family members in that room where there’s a big hole in the roof and they’re shivering and they’re cold, if you repair the roof, that’s going to cost some money

Baldman has a more accurate "hole in the roof" analogy to describe socialized medicine. It works like this: You wake up one day and you have a hole in your roof. You are cold. You are freezing. But you are so conditioned to having the government address your every need, it never occurs to you to fix the hole yourself, or hire someone to fix the hole. So you wait for the government to get around to fixing the hole. Finally after waiting forever in a house with a hole in the roof, the government comes along to address the situation. They see the hole and note the unfairness of it all. And the government solves the problem by putting a hole in every roof on every house on your block.

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Anonymous said...

In fact, we know that at least 47% of American taxpayers aren't overtaxed because they pay no federal income tax at all.