Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello Inmates, Go Run The Asylum

Remember those H & R Block commercials where they would say "Here is reason # 1245 why you should use H & R Block? The same concept can be used to show how our public school systems are harmful for children, and exist not to educate children, but to provide union jobs.

Here is reason # 3,245:

New York City is looking to layoff 6,000 teachers. Like any other entity, you would think they would actually be able to choose who they want to layoff, right? And that criteria would consist of keeping the best teachers, and laying off the worst.

You would think.

But in the madness that is the public school system, you would be wrong. Check this out from the NYT's:

This month city officials persuaded lawmakers in Albany to introduce a bill that would allow the city to decide which teachers to let go, although its chances of passing are slim.

The union decides who gets laid off. The union decides who stays. And they say last ones hired, first ones laid off.

You could be the greatest teacher in New York City, and it would not matter. If you have been in the system a short time-you will be gone. Conversely, you could be the worst teacher, someone who should not be allowed anywhere near a classroom-and you are protected.

There is no individual assessment. None.

That's the way it is with the Teacher's Union. There is no accountability to the parents. No accountability to their employer-NYC.

And if that does not tell you that the public school system exists SOLELY to provide union jobs for adults, you must be pretty fucking stupid.

If you had to start from scratch, and your goal was to come up with an educational system that would be the most harmful for children, all you would need to do is take the collective bargaining agreement between the Teacher's Union & the City of New York.

Give the parents a choice to get their kids out of these hellholes.


Legalbgl said...

"And if that does not tell you that the public school system exists SOLELY to provide union jobs for adults, you must be pretty fucking stupid."

Please, NYC Schools wouldn't even be in this dire a mess but for the fact that they rejected $700 million in federal funds because they didn't want to increase the number of charter schools. Why? Well charter schools are non-union. So despite the fact that they provide superior eduction to the City public schools in many area, and despite the fact that the City would have gotten a large portion of the $700 million, they rejected it because it was a challenge to the union supremacy.

Way to look out for the students!

Legalbgl said...

Oh, one more thing, why don't they start by eliminating the teachers sitting in the so-called Rubber Rooms before laying off real teachers in the classroom. Oh, sorry forgot, tenure. Can't mess with tenure!