Monday, June 28, 2010

Bang Bang

The Supreme Court decided today that the 2nd Amendment guarantees- at the very least- Americans the right to bear arms in their homes. It was a 5-4 decision with the usual four rats dissenting: Stevens/Ginsburg/Sotomayor/Breyer.

But their dissents were for different reasons:

Stevens, said that when he first came on the Court 100 years ago, there were no handguns, so he would limit the 2nd Amendment to the right to own a musket in a log cabin.

Ginsburg said that the 2nd Amendment guarantees Americans the right to fire shots into the air in celebration at gay weddings.

The self-proclaimed wise one, Sotomayor got mixed up a little,- as usual- and said that the right to bear arms means citizens have a fundamental right to wear short-sleeved shirts. (Side note: she is also a huge Chicago Bares fan.)

And Breyer, bless his liberal heart, wanted to show that he is open-minded when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, and agreed with all three of his fellow dissenters, namely, you have the right to wear a short-sleeved shirt at a gay wedding held in a log cabin, and while on the premises, you can fire a musket into the air.

That's all.

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