Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Disgraceful Move

"I'm the President of the United States; I don't endorse boycotts or not endorse boycotts. That's something that the private citizens can make a decision about." -Obama when asked about the boycott of Arizona

Did you ever think it would come to this? That the President of the United States would refuse to DENOUNCE an economic boycott of one of the states? He wants us to know that he is above it all? How can you be neutral when you are the President and people are calling for a boycott of a state?

Listen: it's a matter of public record that the Stoop is not fond of Obama-but I never thought he would stand by and give his tacit approval to an economic boycott that would hurt Americans. And that's what this is: approval. He even put the boycott into motion with his "walking while getting ice cream with the kids and the racist Arizona cops will come and shake you down" description of the Arizona law.

He thinks that because he is the President that he doesn't have to take a position? Think again. It's precisely because HE IS President that he must speak out against the boycott-and put down the ACORN playbook.

And what's this "I'm the President " talk all about? He has used this line several times recently: at West Point, at that fraudulent Health Care Summit with Congressional leaders, and at the press conference where he mentioned it above when talking about Arizona. Don't you think it's a sign of insecurity? If there is one man on earth that does not need to announce what he does for a living, it's the President of the United States.

Hey Obama-we know you are the President. You don't need to remind us. But you should do the right thing and the presidential thing: go down to Arizona and buy a cactus.

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