Monday, June 7, 2010

He's The One

Roman Catholic Canon Law requires bishops to submit their resignation to the pope once they reach age 75. The pope is free to accept or reject the resignation. When the great Cardinal O'Connor reached 75, he submitted his resignation to John Paul II. John Paul was asked if he would accept the resignation. The pope replied that he would never dream of replacing O'Connor-he wished he could appoint a John O'Connor in every Catholic Church throughout the world.

What John Paul felt about O'Connor is how Baldman feels about NJ governor Chris Christie: I wish we had a Chris Christie representing us in every elected office throughout this country.


Finally we have a politician who gets it. A man who understands that taxes and unions are out of control. That the spending has to stop. That you can't cut deals with liberals. That you fight-cause the fight is worth it. That you govern to do the right thing for the people. That you don't make nice with the liberal media-they are rats, and he knows it, so he brings his message directly to the people.

He is laying it all on the line in his fight with the Teacher's Union in New Jersey, and his message is resonating throughout the land.

He leads with his chin and his heart-and will not back down.

Check out how he breaks down the Teacher's Union & lets us know what they are really about: the accumulation of raw, unchecked power:

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