Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stoop Flicks

Chris Christie is so great-someone should make a movie about him. Hey, if Hollywood wants to make Che Guevara and Harvey Milk cinematic heroes, than we need to put Christie's story on the big screen. Let Limbaugh & Hannity produce it. Here is what the Stoop envisions: Remember that movie Lean On Me? Where Joe Clark become the principal of that fu*ked up public school in Jersey and turned it around by being a tough-minded no nonsense disciplinarian?

We take the premise of that movie and apply it to Jersey as a whole. The whole state is like that public school: bloated, out of control with no discipline, skyrocketing taxes, and a dwindling job base. And then we have Christie take over like Joe Clark, taking on all the liberal special interests groups-especially the most powerful of them all-the Teacher's Union. I have the perfect guy to play Christie: James Gandolfini. He is Jersey to the core, and can channel Christie's appeal on the big screen.

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Anonymous said...

I like it, you better protect the rights to that idea.