Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 50

Matt Lauer to Obama: Have you spoken to BP President Tony Hayward?

"I have not spoken to him directly," he told Lauer. "Here's the reason. Because my experience is, when you talk to a guy like a BP CEO, he's gonna say all the right things to me. I'm not interested in words. I'm interested in actions."

This was today-day 50 of the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history. And the president of the United States still has not picked up the phone and talked to the BP CEO?

First, Lauer dropped the ball by stating Hayard's name in his question. If he asked him who the BP CEO was, Obama would have stammered like Ralph Kramden on the $99,000 Question trying to come up with the composer of "Swanee River". And that would have been that.

Next, what does Obama mean when he says "my experience is...."? This oil spill is an off the charts disaster. There is no similar experience in American history. So what does he mean that he knows through his experience that talking to the head of the COMPANY THAT CAUSED the disaster would not be helpful?

His experience in environmental cleanup consists of: (1) using paper towels to clean up after someone spilled a drink in Bill Ayers house; and (2) removing "Green" Czar Van Jones from the White House payroll.

Don't you think that Obama should have called Hayward to at least say: "Thanks for the $4 million you donated to my campaign, and oh yeah, if anyone asks, we can honestly say that we have talked since the spill."

Now to be fair, Obama has been a busy man since the poison was unleashed on the Gulf 50 days ago. Here is a partial list of people he has spoken in the last 50 days:

Derek Jeter
Marv Albert
Paul McCartney

He spoke to Jeter when he had the Yankees at the White House to celebrate their World Series win. To be fair, Obama asked Jeter his thoughts on BP, and Jeter said that batting practice is very important.

Bono told Obama that he knows how to stop the oil from spilling, but he will only provide the solution if the spill threatens Africa.

Obama was too busy giving McCartney an award for Bush-bashing to bring up BP , and his talk with Marv-WHILE THE OIL GUSHED-was about where the president wanted Lebron James to play next year. When Marv said that Lebron & Delonte West get along like oil & water nowadays, Obama said he did not want to talk about BP.

Clearly by now a pattern has emerged. The Obama presidency just can't stop anything or anybody. They can't stop the oil from gushing. They can't stop the flow of illegal aliens. And they can't stop the out of control deficit spending.

Asking Obama to stop any of the above would be like Doc Rivers asking Brian Scalabrine to stop Kobe.

By the way, we all know that if a Republican was President, by day 50 we already would have had Spike Lee-Michael Moore & Oliver Stone movies in the theaters and each would receive Oscar nominations.

Lee's movie: Bush purposely killed black people with Katrina, and next Republican President created the oil spill because he wanted black fishermen who survived Katrina to lose their livelihoods.

Moore's movie: He replaces the word "Haliburton" with "British Petroleum" from his previous movies and releases it as a sequel.

Stones movie: This never would have happened if Hugo Chavez was the U.S. President-and BP was involved in the JFK assassination.

There is one sure way to get Obama to get to use every available resource to stop this well from gushing-tell him the only copy of the health care bill is at the bottom of the ocean.

The man would move heaven & earth to save it.

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