Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Thin-Skinned Presidency

Thoughts on McChrystal:

General McChrystal's job was to kill people who want to kill you. And he was great at it. And he had to do it with a rules of engagement handbook written by ACLU lawyers. Never forget that this is a great man we are talking about.

Obama's sacking of McChrystal shows how petty and thin-skinned he really is. When you combine that with Obama's natural animus for the military-McChrytal did not have a chance.

It also is a strong indication on how insecure Obama really is. He knows he is in over his head. He knows that before 2008, he never held a job in his life before where he was in charge of ANYTHING. He wakes up every day hoping that he won't be found out.

And because he is so insecure he overcompensates by asserting authority in cases like this. We get it. He is the president. He can fire generals.

A confident president would laugh off a dopey article that appeared in an even dopier magazine. A confident president would look at McChrystal and ask: "Is he doing a good job?" A confident president puts the country's interests first.

But we have Obama-and we no longer have McChrystal.

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