Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Know What She Will Do

The Elena Kagan ("Lady Kaga") confirmation hearings begin this week. Check on the New York Times below, trying to present her judicial philosophy as unknowable:

But while Ms. Kagan’s biography may be clear, her judicial philosophy is not. She has never been a judge,..... experts said senators had few clues to her judicial philosophy, a subject that will be ripe for exploration when the hearings begin.

Her judicial philosophy is not clear? Let's connect the bread crumbs:

Raised on the Upper West Side

Parents were progressive/socialists communists

Went to Harvard

Wrote her thesis on Socialism in NYC during the 1930's (The paper was probably entitled "The Good Old Days")

Clerked for Thurgood Marshall

Press Secretary for liberal witch Liz Holtzman

Worked for Bill Clinton

Dean at Harvard

Threw the military off campus

Solicitor General for El- Comandante Obama

That is a real blank slate we are working off of- right? If you had to build a super liberal using stem cell research, you could not come up with the DNA to match Lady Kaga's resume.

OJ left less clues than Lady Kaga. And The Times expects people to believe that there are few clues to her judicial philosophy?

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