Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Time For Weiner To Go

Years ago, Brooklyn-born writers Pete Hamill and Jack Newfield decided to list the three most evil people of the 20th Century. They each scribbled down three names, and compared lists. Each list had the same three names: Hitler, Stalin & Walter O'Malley- the man who moved the beloved Dodgers from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

If someone asked me to play a modern version of the game, and list the three worst members of Congress, I would scribble the name "Anthony Weiner" three times.

And I know I'm not alone.

And the time has come to add him to the growing unemployment line-or let him become a census worker where he could do far less harm to the country.

And the guy to do it is Bob Turner, who is running against Weiner for the right to represent the people of the 9th Congressional District, which comprises working class neighborhoods in Brooklyn & Queens.

Turner is the anti-Weiner:

He is a retired businessman who has never ran for political office before. Like hundreds of other first time 2010 office seekers, he is motivated by a desire to rid the House of irresponsible representatives like Weiner, who are leading this country to economic ruin.

The massive spending, the federal takeover of private industries and the saddling of future generations of Americans with massive debt have all occurred because Congressman Weiner and his cabal have forced their agenda on an America that has told them loud and clear that they don't want it.

But did Weiner hear them? Of course not. He was too busy flying out to Hollywood yucking it up on Bill Maher.

Think about this: in less than 2 years, the federal government has grown by 30%. And if Weiner had his way-it would have been more. Much more. Because incredibly, the man is to the left of Obama. I say that because Weiner is on the record for saying that Obama Care-the biggest entitlement program since FDR-does not go far enough. Give Weiner a magic wand and we would have single payer health care. With the federal government making all of your medical decisions. No private insurance at all. And Weiner becoming a hero to the MSNBC crowd.

Remember I said Turner was the anti-Weiner? While Weiner wants to extend Obama Care, Turner wants to eliminate it root & branch. None of this nibble around the edges from Bob Turner.

And that is the type of politician that appeals to the Stoop.

Now I know you say getting a Republican elected in New York City is impossible.

But is it really? David Dinkins was such a colossal failure, the people of the New York have not elected a Democrat for mayor since 1989.

And when you look at Weiner's District, it covers neighborhoods like Howard Beach, Mill Basin & Marine Park. There's no Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights when you look at a map of the 9th District.

The voters in Weiner's district have much more in common with the typical Staten Island voter than say, the East Village "vote early & often" crowd that Weiner caters to.

Weiner is such a divisive figure, a couple of years ago a school teacher was on the ballot- and without even campaigning- he received nearly 40% of the vote.

So it could happen. And with anti-incumbent fever in the air, there is recent evidence that shows Weiner is feeling the heat.

Did you see that embarrassing stunt he pulled with a goat last Friday? He trotted out a goat and called a press conference to show that the government spends $ 1 million a year on goat mohair subsidies, and how wasteful that is, and of course he is against it, and that shows how careful he is with the taxpayer's money.

Think about what contempt and what low regard this man has for the intelligence of the people he was elected to serve. Weiner knows that the massive spending that this Congress has engaged in is resulting in blow back for liberal politicians nationwide. So he uses a farm animal in an attempt to hoodwink the voters into thinking that he is a fiscally prudent member of Congress?

What leadership that shows. A Congressman representing Brooklyn and Queens has taken a hard stance- against goat farmers. We may have to update John Kennedy's Profiles In Courage to include Weiner's brave fight.

If the libs could lose Ted Kennedy's seat, and Chris Christie could win in New Jersey, why can't New York force Anthony Weiner to get the first private sector job of his life?

Turner for Congress.

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