Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Cup: A Mango Tree Does Not Grow In Brooklyn

In 1975, the President of the United States, Gerald Ford announced a major initiative. The time had come, he told us, to get with the rest of the world and use the metric system. The whole country rallied behind the president. Every school created lesson plans, teachers were excited, children were enthused. For those old enough to remember, this was a big deal.

And then we tried it. We really tried it. And after three months the WHOLE Country said "NO". We threw all those lesson plans in the garbage. We just did not want to do it.

Every time someone tries to sell me on soccer, and how America is finally going to get with the rest of the world, I think back to the metric system fiasco.

It ain't happening folks. It ain't happening because it would have happened by now if it was gonna happen at all.

Nothing seems more forced than this enthusiasm that "some" people in America show for soccer.

As a whole, they are door to door salesmen, and America has shut its door in their face.

Get it away from me.

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