Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ban This Practice

There is at least one issue in which I confess to be very liberal. Its libraries. I love for my (and your) tax dollars to be spent on public libraries. The more the merrier. I would love if Mayor Bloomberg, on his last day in office, opened up his massive wallet to ensure 24 hr. libraries in each borough.

So I was saddened to read in today's NY Times that my favorite library, the main branch of the Brooklyn Public library, is in the business of banning books.

Apparently they banned this French cartoon book on the basis that it offended Africans. The library has a committee that hears complaints and decides which books to ban.

Memo to the Brooklyn Public Library:

I thought we won the Cold War? Librarians are supposed to stand strong against censorship; not set up committees to ban books. Yes, some books offend. But if you banned all books that offended someone, the bookshelves would be bare, and the number of books left would be less than the number of people who would leave their dogs with Michael Vick when they go on vacation.

The only thing more offensive than the Brooklyn Public Library banning books would be if they came up with a new section: " The History of French Military Victories".

Stop this Stalinist practice.

No one speaks or writes more eloquently on the importance of libraries than Pete Hamill. Click the link below to find out how libraries influenced Hamill-especially the Park Slope branch on 6th Avenue between 8th & 9th Street.

Libraries Face Sad Chapter

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sashyboops said...

I completely agree with you here Alley! Check your legal books...there's gotta be a law against this practice. Freedom of speech or something?? Or better yet...go into the library and request this banned book. When they say NO...well, you know what to do!!