Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lay Them Down

Tell them to put their guns down! Put your guns down!
Sonny, Dog Day Afternoon

Did you see the other day when the President was speaking in an outdoor rally in Arizona, some people in the crowd were openly carrying guns and even assault rifles? (See the link below.)

Lets break it down like a fraction: Yes, I am a second amendment advocate, and strongly believe that the right to bear arms is a civil right, just as free speech, the right to worship, the right to assembly and numerous other rights enshrined in the constitution are civil rights. And I also realize and respect Arizona's laws grant citizens the right to publicly carry firearms.

Does that mean that I think citizens should be allowed to publicly bear arms when they are in the same room, arena or outdoor event as the President of the United States?

No I do not. In my view, the Secret Service should grab these people, take them off the street, and question them in a dimly lit room for about 20 hours. And that's the least they should do.

If the following is your thought process: "I am going to see the president speak. I'm also bringing an assault rifle to the event for all to see"-then you need to be fully investigated by the feds.

I saw the footage and I was outraged. It seemed like something you would see in banana republics, or third world governments about to be taken over by the next junta.

Yes, I know that the Secret Service had snipers trained on each of these people, and were ready to put more holes into these gun carriers than the current health care bill if they made a move.

But it should not come to that. We have three branches of the federal government. The executive branch, unlike the others, is represented by one person-the President.

To put one entire branch of government at risk because people want to carry firearms to Presidential events is nuts. Arizona law, in this case, has to give way to federal concerns regarding the safety of the executive branch. Federal law should preempt state law is this case.

Bottom line: keep your guns, but also keep them far away from the American President.

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