Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Republican Party Has Its Colin Removed

(My analysis during the 2008 election as to why Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama.)

"Its a black thing, baby!"-Richard Pryor

Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President. He says race had nothing to do with his decision. Remember the late Giant General Manager George Young? He once said "when they say its not about the money, its always about the money." Same think with race.

What other logical conclusion can one come too?

Obama stands for everything that Powell has worked against for the past 38 years-at least.

He worked in the Nixon White House. He was Reagan's National Security Adviser. Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff under Papa Bush. Secretary of State under Baby Bush. Author of the Powell Doctrine and Don't Ask Don't Tell.

This guy was so in-twined with the Republican Party, his son Michael (Fredo) Powell was chairman of the FCC. Oh yeah, Mike got to decide important matters like if Janet Jackson showed too much nip on TV or if Howard Stern let a fart contest go on for too long.

So after a lifetime of working for all of these Republican Presidents, and carrying out their military and foreign polices, he wants us to believe that he has gotten religion with this inexperienced liberal-hero of the left? Please.

Remember the "Powell Doctrine"? It meant going in with overwhelming force. Sounds like the Surge, right? Who supports the Surge? Not Powell's guy. In fact, he lives in denial that the Surge- the Greatest momentum-changing military strategy since the Civil War- is even working!

How bout those missile systems Powell advocated for? Obama is against them. Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Obama would abolish this Powell policy with a quick executive order.

What about decency and respect for the military? Obama's school's (Columbia & Harvard) refuse to let military recruiters on campus. You can be a terrorist, or a member of NAMBLA, and you are welcomed with open arms at these schools. But not a military recruiter. The Powell we thought we knew, the CCNY ROTC man, would have a problem with this. But Obama refuses to condemn his schools for this disgraceful practice.

How about the Moveon.Org ad in the New York Times that slandered General Petraeus? The Senate voted to condemn the ad, but Powell's guy, Obama, hid under his desk and voted present. Some support for our leader over there. And Powell is OK with that?

Hey Colie, you used to work at the Pentagon, right? Obama's mentor Bill Ayers, bombed your work place. You must be the real forgiving type, Colie.

Powell's explanation that he is concerned about a Republican picking the next couple of Supreme Court Justices is preposterous.

Powell was in the Nixon White House when Rehnquist was appointed. He was there when Scalia was picked by Reagan, and Thomas was picked by Poppa. He never said a word against Roberts & Alito, the baby Bush Supreme Court appointments. All of these justices are Conservative icons. Yet, Powell never stood up and excused himself for good from the Republican dinner table after their appointments.

So what is the reason for his endorsement? When you see the overwhelming evidence that Powell's written opinions, philosophy and actions have nothing in common with Obama, you have to say that in Powell's view, the election is about the complexion.

Which is a sad thing.

You know the late Jim Valvano had a guard on his team named Vinny DelNegro. Vinny played a lot of minutes; Jimmy V was questioned about this.

"People say I play Vinny a lot of minutes because he is Italian. That is not true. I play Vinny a lot of minutes because I'm Italian! said Jimmy V.

Call me crazy, but in my view, voting for a person just because he is black is just as bad as not voting for a person only because he is black.

So General Powell, here is a salute for the uniformed service you performed for your country. (That will never change.) But here is also a wave of dismissal for the actions you took today.

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