Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Damn Lie

The President says that he has no desire to get rid of private health insurance. That his plan merely gives Americans a choice between public and private insurance. Competition is good for all Americans, he ensures us. If you are happy with your private insurance, you get to keep it.

But in reality, what he wants to do is to make the health insurance industry as extinct as the dinosaur. He wants to send private health insurance to Guantanamo Bay where it will be water-boarded and never heard from again.

Why do I say that? Because Obama has said so. Roll the tape on the Stoop big-screen below:

If you watched the video above, and still do not believe the President wants to eliminate private health insurance, you remind me of what Richard Pryor said to his wife after she caught him cheating:

Are you gonna believe me, or your lyin eyes?

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Big said...

The youtube video is brilliant. The elimination of the health care industry will result in the loss of countless private sector jobs during a time where our President admits is one of the worst economic times since the Great Depression.