Sunday, August 2, 2009

Explain It to Me Like I Was a Child

All right. Explain this to me like I'm a five-year-old, okay?
Because there's an element to this thing
that I cannot get through my thick head
-Denzel Washington-"Philadelphia"

Years ago I saw a movie where Denzel Washington was a lawyer. Someone begins to explain something to Denzel and Denzel stops the guy in his tracks. "Explain it to me like I was a five year old kid. Don't assume I know anything" Denzel told the guy.

I loved it and I got it. I immediately adopted it as my own philosophy. During work if something important was being discussed and I did not understand it, I would stop the person and have them explain it to me in plain English. Break it down for me please. Once I understood, we could move forward. It was Denzel's philosophy put to real-life use, and it continues to be my philosophy today.

Now, as you remember,a few months back, the state of New York renamed the Triborough Bridge after Robert F. Kennedy. At the time I was puzzled,because RFK was not at the forefront of public works projects like bridge building, nor was he at all involved with the building of the Triborough.

I remember thinking, why is RFK such a hero to so many?

Do self-described liberals who venerate RFK know his history?

Given the two facts below, can anyone explain to me why he is a liberal icon? And don't leave anything out; break it down for me as if I were a little kid.

Fact # 1

As Attorney General of the United States, RFK authorized the FBI to wire tap the phone's in Martin Luther King's house. He authorized the wiretapping of King's office in Atlanta. He authorized the wiretapping of King's office in New York. He authorized the wiretapping of the hotel rooms King stayed in.

The wiretaps were removed by the next Attorney General, Nicholas Katzenbach.

Were these wiretaps approved by a Court? No. Were they signed by a judge? No. Prior to installation, was there any evidence that King violated any federal laws? Absolutely not.

What an egregious abuse of power. All directed at an innocent man. All directed at a innocent Civil Rights hero.

When President Bush told America that the feds would listen in to overseas calls of suspected terrorists, the left lost its collective mind.

Yet, when Kennedy used the same tactics, no worse tactics (since it was in secret, not approved by law,and used against a true American hero) the left gives him a pass.

Tell me why.

Fact # 2

If you had to make a list of historical figures that are absolutely hated by the left, the late Senator from Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy would be at the top of the list.

Liberals will tell you that Senator McCarthy was on a witch-hunt accusing federal government employees of being communists or Soviet spies.

They abhorred his tactics, said he knowingly accused citizens of false charges, and ruined many lives.

They even coined a phrase in his dishonor: McCarthyism-smearing an enemy on false or non-existent charges.

Books & movies have vilified Senator Joe for the last 50 years. He is cursed in polite society. 50 years after his death, his name is synonymous with out of control witch-hunts that destroy people's lives regardless of the evidence.

But you know who loved and admired Tail-gunner Joe McCarthy? Robert Kennedy did. You see, when McCarthy held his Senate hearings his wing-man was RFK. RFK was his chief legal counsel during the hearings, and sat at the same table as Old Joe.

RFK provided Old Joe with the legal strategy to hunt down would-be Communists.

And as I said above, he loved and admired Old Joe. Why do I say that? Well, when RFK had his first child, whom did he ask to be the Godfather? Was it future President JFK? No. Was it future drunk Teddy the Swimmer? No. It was Tail-gunner Joe with whom he bestowed such an honor!

That is correct: RFK's first born, Kathleen Kennedy had Joe McCarthy as a Godfather. It's sort of like a Conservative finding out that William F. Buckley's son was baptized by Al Sharpton.

Trust me, I know that no man is perfect, and that only JC himself could walk on the Coney Island waters. And I also know that there are flaws in all heroic figures.

But wiretapping King and working for McCarthy?

For libs, why aren't they fatal flaws?

Explain it to me like I was a little kid.

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