Friday, August 28, 2009

How Low Can They Go?

The hard left has changed its playbook-for the worse. You see, they used to identify political figures or commentators that they deemed a threat and go after them as viciously as possible. Here is a sample roll call: Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas & Sarah Palin.

But they have extended the smear tactics to everyday Americans who simply ask them questions. Joe the Plumber was the Canary in the Coal Mine. He was the first to get the filth.

With the town hall meetings, the zealous left has reached a new low.

We have all seen it. Salt of the Earth Americans who oppose the socialistic health care plan are being called frauds, plants and worse. Just for opposing the left. Just for asking questions.

I saw the other day where Congressman Jim Moran at a town hall meeting (feel free to call him Jim Moron after this sentence) demanded that a questioner that he did not like show identification before asking a question!

Imagine that: Government officials are literally taking names of American citizens who disagree with their socialist agenda.

Lets see how twisted the Moron mind works:

Time and again, we have been told that merely presenting valid identification at the voting booth is "voter intimidation". Yet, asking for identification at town hall meetings is fair game?

Below are my thoughts I wrote at the time when the left went nuclear against Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin. I think you will be able to see a straight line from how Joe was treated to the town hall protesters:

Getting The Dirt On Joe The Plumber

Joe the Plumber may clean toilets, but the party that tells us they respect the right to privacy (insert laugh here) is going through this private citizen's closet. The witch hunt is on. And why?

Joe was tossing around a football with his son on his lawn in Ohio. Obama approached Joe. Joe told Obama that he is thinking of buying a plumbing business with $250,000 in revenues and why would he be taxed so heavily under the Obama tax plan?. An unscripted Obama gave an honest answer. "I want to spread the wealth around" was Obama's reply.

Spread the wealth around. Take Joe's money, and give it to whom Obama deems worthy. It's Obama's whole governing philosophy, and we got it not in the debates, not at the convention, but on Joe the Plumber''s lawn.

In a nation that was founded on a tax revolt, the confiscatory nature of politicians who want a lions share of your pocketbook can still cause an uproar among the masses. And that is a very real danger to the left.

So what is the Party of the People's solution? Get dirt on the Joe the Plumber! In the past 24 hours, we have learned more about the private life of Joe the Plumber than we have learned about Obama in the last two years.

What a chilling effect this has on democracy. One minute, you are a private citizen. The next minute, you ask a politician who appears on your property a question, and your whole private life is being examined, and your dirty laundry is published for all to see.

Isn't it great to see how liberals care about the common man?

Going After Sister Sarah

Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last?- Joseph Welsh

I know its a theme that keeps repeating itself, but how fucked up is the left wing press? Five minutes after Sarah Palin is nominated we are inundated with stories of the sex lives of her underaged children:

A scurrilous rumor that her daughter gave birth to the down syndrome child, and Palin is really the grandmother;

And finally, her 17 year old daughter is pregnant.

Remember Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter? How when they were underage their lives were considered off limit by the press?

Yet, when we get a conservative to her core nominee like Palin, all rules go out the window.

Always remember that when they call themselves the party that "respects the right to privacy". What a fu*kin joke.

Remember when the "right to privacy party" went after Robert Bork & Clarence Thomas?

The ACLU got a hold of the movies they rented from video stores. They wanted to expose porno movies rented by Bork & Thomas. I would have loved to see the disappointment on their rat fink faces when the list included "Miracle on 34th Street & Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". Priceless.

You don't have to go back in history to see the double standard.

Just look at how the media treated the John Edwards baby-momma drama. The National Enquirer had that story cold for seven months. All true. Yet, the mainstream left wing press took seven months to briefly mention it. They never investigated it, never sent any reporters to confirm or deny the information. Nothing. You see, it was a "private" matter for Edwards-and he was running for president!

So here are the rules:

Left wing Presidential contenders that knock-up women while their wives are terminally ill are off limits, while the sex lives of the underage children of conservative candidates are fair game.

Truth be known, by investigating the children of Palin the left is admitting that they see her as a threat. And they should. She has galvanized the base (conservatives, evangelicals, right to lifers, gun advocates) in ways I have never seen.

Sister Sarah better be strong.

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