Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stoop Readin'

The stoop isn't always loud. Sometimes its very quiet. During the quiet times, the stoop is an amazing place to read a book, newspaper or magazine. With that in mind, every so often we will recommend something to read that falls within the parameters of this blog.

Here goes the first recommendation.

Remember Reggie Lewis? He was a Celtic star, at the height of his career when he died tragically of a heart attack 16 years ago. He was only 27 years old.

Three months before his tragic death, Lewis fainted during a playoff game. Medical tests conducted following Lewis' fainting spell indicated severe heart problems consistent with the use of cocaine.

The link at the bottom is a piece from the Wall Street Journal written in 1995. Its a great example of investigative journalism that tracks the actions taken from the time Lewis fainted to his death three months later.

You see the convergence of big business, public relations, Insurance money, a powerful labor union and the medical profession and how most of these interests did not want to know whether or not cocaine played a part in Lewis' death.

A great read.

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