Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Me-First Americanism

Would they drop the bomb on us
While we made love on the beach
We were the class they couldn't teach'
Cause we knew more -The Police "Born in the 50's"

I was just reading the papers and apparently there is a celebration going on. You might of missed it with you know, unemployment at almost 10%, two War fronts and the government attempting to become your doctor.

But its a celebration, nonetheless.

What are people celebrating? The 40th Anniversary of the Woodstock music festival!
Leave it to the baby boomers to once again show why they are the most selfish generation this country has ever produced.

First of all what exactly is there to celebrate? They went to a concert, rolled around in the filthy mud, and three days later went home. Am I missing something?

Oh, they will tell you about the peace and love, and how there was no violence. Hello! As Chris Rock might say "You are supposed to act non-violently at a concert!" You don't get extra points for doing what you are supposed to do; and by doing so, it certainly does not give you a reason to celebrate.

But of course, the me-first boomers saved their violence for violently protesting their fellow Americans fighting in South East Asia.

The me-first boomers are the first generation of Americans to abandon their kids in such large disturbing numbers. Do your own thing, they said. Don't judge me, they admonished.

Me-first decadence.

How has that philosophy turned out for the American family? Its effects have been devastating, as cities like Detroit have reached the 80% illegitimacy rate.

They are the Fredo Corleone generation of Americans-they should have been passed over.
The self-centered boomers have no shame. They shifted the moral equation from "What is the best thing for my family" to "What is the best thing for me?"

The boomers will tell you that they were the heroes of the civil rights movement, and some were. Buth the truth is most of the heavy lifting was done by pre-boomers.

You know the pre-boomers, right? They survived a Depression with the family intact. The won a World War. And they kept their mouths shut. The strong silent type.

By celebrating an utterly meaningless concert, it shows that 40 years later these people still don't get it. And still need to get over themselves.

As the boomers are now heading off to nursing homes, and demanding that the Obama health care plan covers the purchase & maintenance of bongs, I suddenly see a valid argument for physician-assisted suicide.

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