Monday, August 17, 2009

Watch Out For Radio Silence

(Last October, I wrote that Obama's election would lead to the Fairness Doctrine being passed and signed into legislation. The Fairness Doctrine is a pre-Internet law that stated that the public airways always had to have the same number of hrs. dedicated to each political opinion. I'm sure it would be unconstitutional now. But Schumer and Pelosi support it because they want to eliminate dissent on talk radio. After calling government health care protesters illegitimate because they dressed well and were organized, its apparent the left still has a hard time when people just don't see things their way. So watch out for this.)

This is radio clash from pirate satellite
Orbiting your living room,
Cashing in the bill of rights- The Clash

We gonna chase those crazy
-Chase them crazy
-Chase those crazy baldheads out of town!- Bob Marley

If you took a chandelier to the top of Empire State Building and threw it to the ground on 5th Avenue, no matter how many pieces it would shatter into, it still would be less than the number of ways an OBAMA-REID-PELOSI American government would mess up America.

As Alec Baldwin said in Glengary GlennRoss: "Think I am f**king with you? I am not f**king with you."

One major way that an Obama presidency would irreparably damage this country is in the area of free speech.

What the liberal Congress and Senate want to do in this area is so Un-American, so twisted, that I shed a tear like that Indian in that old pollution commercial when I think about its chilling effects.

What am I talking about? It's a piece of legislation called the "Fairness Doctrine" that the Pelosi gang will pass faster than it would take Justin Tuck to break the rest of Tony Romo's fingers- if he was man enough to play this Sunday against the Giants.

What is the Fairness Doctrine? It basically states that the airwaves are the property of the government, and thus the government has the right to tell television stations and radio stations what they have to broadcast, in the name of "Fairness".

Why do Liberal Politicians love the Fairness Doctrine? Because they get use it to get rid of what they perceive to be their enemy in America: Talk Radio.

Here is how it works: WABC in New York City is one of the most successful radio stations in the world. It is hugely profitable. It makes its money by selling advertising to its talk radio programs. Since it fired that rat Ron Kuby, WABC Radio hosts are all conservative Icons. Rush. Hannity. Mark Levin. And that Godfather of the conservative talk radio industry, the honorable Bob Grant.

What the Stalinist Leftist Pelosi wants to do is say to WABC radio: " You need more politically balanced broadcasters. You need to hire x number of liberal hosts to make it fair." If WABC doesn't do what Pelosi says, they lose their broadcasting license.

Let's be frank: If you think the government should be in the business of deciding political content that should be on the airwaves, you are a Stalinist.

It would be like the Government telling the New York Times they have to hire Pat Buchanan and get rid of Bob Herbert.

How would you like them apples?

Think about the mentality that one must have to support the Fairness Act. You have to be a twisted f**k to say "We have to get them off the air!"

Me: I am a free speech man. Hard core. The crazier, the better, I say. I love the Keith Olbermann's the Phil Donahue's and Chris Matthews. Let them expose themselves, I say. Makes it easier for me to make my case.

I look at the Olbermann types like I see those 12 tribes of Israel crazy brothers. Once you hear them, it makes it easier to dismiss them.

Truth be known, talk radio is dear to my heart. It's a place where Americans go to talk about grievances we have with the government. Its for people who don't find their issues discussed in the mainstream media.

The callers and hosts are the Thomas Paine's of modern America. Talk radio is where the Contract for America was born, which led to the Democrats losing the majority in Congress after a 40 year rule. It's where New Yorkers frustrated with Cuomo and Dinkins got together to plan & plot their successful ouster. It's entertaining as hell, as it has to be, or it would be replaced by something more profitable.

Its not like liberals are barred from having their own talk radio shows or stations. Its just that every attempt has failed more than Ted Kennedy has at taking a Breathalyzer. Mario Cuomo had a talk show. Drivers were falling asleep at the wheel all over the country. Air America is a nationwide network of liberal talk show hosts. It gets about 4 listeners a day, with two of them Howard Stern prank callers.

Liberals have wanted to squash talk radio for years and years. Bill Clinton even blamed talk radio for the Oklahoma City bombing! With an Obama presidency, the jack- booted leaders of the extreme left will be able to kick free speech on talk radio down the stairs.

Think I am f**king with u?

I'm not.

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Big said...

Let's see they want to pass cap&tax which will, as Obama admitted, raise taxes greatly on the middle class during, as Obama said, one of the worst recessions in the Country's history, then eliminate one of the only remaining areas of private sector in the Country (health care/insurance), the stimulus is a failure, our debt is so high the Communits Chinese are scolding us on capitalism, if you raise your voice in protest or disent you are "un-american" or racist, and now this....