Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bob Novak: We Will Not See His Kind Again

The Stoop would like to take the time to recognize the great contributions made to this country by long time Washington reporter Bob Novak, who passed away earlier today.

Bob Novak's column (either solo, or with long time partner Rollie Evans) was must read journalism. Novak always adhered to his credo which stated each column must not only have an opinion, but it always must contain news that has not previously been published.

You see, Novak came from a time when you had to do your own research. You had to cross-check, and you had to cultivate sources.

He put the shoe leather into the job. He did not twitter his way through a 50 year career in journalism.

Leaving aside print journalism, Novak was a founding father of cable TV political talk/debate shows. The man had more TV shows than Dick Van Dyke. I used to love to watch Novak & Buchanan on Crossfire. I would come away thinking that the tag-team of Novak & Buchanan was better than anything Vince McMahon could have come up with.

Novak's death is the latest in a recent string of deaths of irreplaceable journalist/writers: Buckley, Mailer, Russert, Halberstam & Snow.

These men have left the stage to a bunch of Canal Street knock- off watches: Olbermann, Madow & Blitzer.

The sad thing is I cannot think of an under 40 writer/journalist that I feel I must see or read.

But I always read & watched Novak.

He will be greatly missed.

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