Saturday, August 8, 2009

Community Organizing Or Garment Profiling?

I'm an organizer now,and I get a lot of political contributions.
Tony Montana "Scarface"

There is an old adage in basketball: teams that like to full court press hate to have to deal with a full court press put on them.

Maybe there is something similar in politics.

You see what is going on in the Health-Care debate? The President, and other Democratic leaders are dismissing opposition to their radical health plan initiatives as illegitimate simply because they are organized.

Wow. The man who ran arguably the most organized campaign in history now complains when others organize? The man who was a self -described community organizer dismisses communities that organize against his massive government health plan, just because, you know, that they are organized?

Lets get this straight ACORN is a legitimate organization and needs to be heard but senior citizens who attend town meetings and vocally oppose this heath plan scheme are illegitimate?

Look at some of the whacked out comments:

Barbra Boxer says that the protesters are too "well dressed to be legitimate". Nancy Pelosi calls them fake grass roots. And White House Press Secretary called it the "manufactured anger" of the "Brooks Brothers" brigade.

What a novel concept of debate: We don't have to address your issues because you dress so well!

The White House has even stooped to a new low: on its website, its urging people to provide the names of people who have provided "fishy" information about the administration's health care proposal.

That's right. The feds are officially taking names on this one.

Can you imagine if the Bush White House sent out this directive on the official White House website: "We know there is a lot of fishy information going around regarding our War on Terror. Please send us the names of these people."

There would be a sh*tstorm of protest from the so-called civil liberties types: ACLU, ACORN and the rest of the alphabet soup organizations.

But when Obama does it, their silence speaks volumes. Please don't ever think that these groups are not partisan hacks. And I say that whether their members wear jeans that hang below their ass or if they are impeccably dressed in a Brooks Brothers suit.

A couple of other lessons we have learned:

1) When Democrats do not wish to engage in debate all they do is call the other side racist, homophobic, xenophobic etc. By name -calling, it frees them up from addressing the issues at hand. They have now added what I call "garment-profiling" to this list.

2) Maybe there is something to garment-profiling. After all, when Obama came out to throw the first pitch at the all-star game wearing jeans, you kinda knew not to expect a how should I say, a Kofaxian -type pitch.

3) When a modern-day Paul Revere comes to warn the nation, if he is impeccably dressed, you will know he is for real.

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