Friday, August 14, 2009

Give Him A Medal

Every once in a while, The Stoop will give out a good citizenship award. Our first recipient is a senior citizen, Charles Augusto Jr. a 72 year old owner of a restaurant supply business in Harlem.

Charles is by all accounts a good man. At 72, he is still running his business, God bless him.

Yesterday, 4 thugs, at least one of which was armed with a Glock 9 millimeter pistol, tried to rob old Charles. They thought he was old. They thought he was weak. They thought he was an easy mark.

They thought wrong.

You see Charles had been robbed before. And he made a vow to himself: never again.

So Charles got himself a shotgun and kept it at his store.

When the thugs walked in, Charles made sure they would not walk out.

Incredibly, with only three shots, Charles shot all four suspects, killing two.

By hitting all four with only three shots, Charles achieved the equivalent of getting a 100% on a calculus test, plus nailing the extra credit question.

If I were Mayor, I would give Charles the "Paul Kersey Medal of Freedom" on City Hall steps. Not only that, I would demand the that Police Commissioner hire Charles and put him in charge of firearm usage. Enough of these cop shootouts where 80 bullets are fired.

Charles: We here on the Stoop salute your public service.

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