Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surfing USA

(Has the President officially ruled out prosecution for those involved in waterboarding terrorists? This was written when the idea of prosecution was raised.)

Everyone is crying out for peace yes
None is crying out for justice-Peter Tosh

Now I don't mind choppin' wood
And I don't care if the money's no good
Ya take what ya need and ya leave the rest
But they should never have taken the very best- Robbie Robertson

(Dedicated to the Memory of Johnny Mike Spann)

OK. You live long enough, and you see everything. The only surprise is that there is no surprise. But I must admit the audacity in this case has caught even me off guard. You see, I have tried to train myself to instinctively know that there is an enemy within America, that they are incestuous termites that will eat away at the soul of this nation if given the opportunity.

And now with the current people in the executive branch they have the opportunity. And like OJ with a football, they are running with it.

Here it is: The President of the United States says he has not ruled out prosecuting those who water-boarded known terrorists. Our CIA, Bush Administration lawyers who wrote memos advocating water-boarding and Bush administration officials (including President Bush) who signed off on water-boarding are all at risk of being prosecuted by the Obama Justice Department.

I live in a September 12 world. I recognize evil when I see it. And it must be dealt with.

Let it be told now, and let me shout it from the stoop tops: I support the water-boarding of the militant maniacs that killed our brothers and sisters on 9/11, at the Kobar Towers, our Navy men @ Yemen, at our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya,and at the World Trade in '93.

I would pin a medal on each CIA member that water-boarded these vermin. I would have a parade for them as well.

Are we really worried about how we treated Khalid Mohammad? Is that what you are telling me with a straight face? The mastermind of 9/11, the man who beheaded Daniel Pearl?

We throw a little water up this animal's nose, and that's the thing that gets you upset?

Water-boarding is too good for the plotters and supporters of 9/11. By the way when did throwing water down a throat become torture? And it's called water-boarding? Back in the 1970's it was called "Getting thrown in the hydrant in front of John Jay School Yard by T. Crow & Mike Devine" . The force of that water could knock you from 5th Street to the back of the Wesley building.

Who knew what Tommy was doing was a violation of the Geneva convention?

The "Shoot the Freak" booth at Coney Island seems much more dangerous than water-boarding.

Never mind the country club existence these guys live in at Gitmo. Remember the jail scenes in Goodfellas? Khalid Mohammad is the Paulie of Gitmo, chopping up the garlic nice and thin.

How We Dealt with Evil in the Past

There was a time when this nation knew how to deal with evil: by applying swift justice. Here are some telling examples:

Nazi's in New York

On June 12, 1942, a Nazi U-Boat submarine landed on the Long Island Shoreline. Inside were 6 Nazi's who were equipped with explosives and tons of cash. They were on a mission to blow up America.

One got cold feet and turned himself in. He ratted on his Nazi cohorts, and we rounded them up.

What do you think happened to them? FDR was crystal clear; he wanted them executed as soon as possible.

They received military tribunals. The rat got off easy-30 year sentence. One got a life sentence. The other four? On August 6, 1942, they went to the electric chair.

The entire process from Nazi landing to Nazi execution, took 7 weeks.

FDR's message was direct: You bring war to the American shore, you die. Real Quick.

You think that the WWII generation worried about how we treated these Nazi's? Don't be silly.


You ever see the movie Mississippi Burning? The movie is based on the real life murders of civil rights workers by the KKK in Mississippi.

Remember William Dafoe was the FBI agent who did everything by the book? Investigating the crimes by the book went nowhere.

Remember when they started using FBI agent Gene Hackman's methods? They kidnapped one of the Klan members tied him up and threatened to cut off his balls. He ended up singing like Diana Ross, revealing where the bodies were buried and implicating his fellow Klan vermin.

When you watched this scene, did you sit there and say "this is terrible, they are torturing this man!" Of course you didn't. He personified evil. Like Bin Laden's boys.

You may say that was just a movie, and you will be right.

Want to know what really happened in the Mississippi Burning case?

The FBI used traditional investigating tactics, and the case went nowhere. So the FBI imported an informant into Mississippi- Brooklyn Mafia member Gregory Scarpa.

Scarpa bought a TV at an electronics store owned by a Klansman. Scarpa asked the guy to help him carry the TV to the trunk of his car. When they got to the trunk, Scarpa hit the guy over the head, threw him in the trunk and did what he had to do to the Klan member to break the case.

Now the ACLU types have been aware for generations that the prosecutions in the Mississippi Burning case were obtained by gathering evidence obtained by real torture- not water-boarding.

Yet,the ACLU has never filed any motions to have the convictions overturned, nor has the left ever expressed any outrage over how these Klansmen were brought to justice.

But they were clearly brought to justice by torture. I thought that was wrong?

The Civil War

All roads of learning lead to Lincoln. This is something I told you about last year, but it applies here.

After President Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation, blacks were allowed to join the Union Army. However, if they happened to be captured by the Confederate Army, they suffered grave consequences. The Confederate Congress had passed an ordinance “dooming to death or slavery every negro taken in arms, and every white officer who commands negro troops.”

Lincoln ’s reaction? He issued an Order of Retaliation. The Order proclaimed that “the law of nations and the usages and customs of war as carried on by civilized powers, permit no distinction as to color in the treatment of prisoners of war. Lincoln went on to say that the Confederate Ordinance was a “lapse into barbarism” which required a response on the part of the Union . Thus, Lincoln stated “It is therefore ordered that for every soldier of the United States killed in violation of the laws of war, a rebel soldier shall be executed; and for every one enslaved by the enemy or sold into slavery, a rebel soldier shall be placed at hard labor.”

Lincoln did not f*ck around, he was a serious man responsible for defending a nation at war.

Is Obama?

Lincoln recognized the brutality of the enemy. FDR realized that our enemies that attack us domestically must be put to a quick death.

This ain't crime. Its evil. There's a difference.

If the Justice Department goes nuclear, and tries to jail the heroes that water-boarded the terrorists, it will set off a sh*tstorm of protest unseen in my lifetime.

At that point, don't wait for orders from headquarters.

Do what you think is right.

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