Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eric Holder Needs To Go

Eric Holder is our Attorney General. Under President Clinton, he was the Justice Department Official who signed of on the Marc Rich pardon.

Do you remember Marc Rich? He was an international financier who was indicted on 65 counts of financial crimes. Rather than stand trial, he fled the country.

While Rich was a fugitive his wife donated money to the Clinton library. Presto. During the last days of the Clinton Presidency, Rich received a Presidential pardon after Holder gave the legal seal of approval.

The same Holder that let a fugitive from justice go free now wants to criminally investigate our CIA heroes that roughed up Osama's boys and in the process gained valuable information that saved American lives.

Where's the President during this? He acts like he has no control over what Eric Holder does, that you know, its just "Eric being Eric."

Remember in Goodfella's when the restaurant owner was having trouble with Tommy? He went to Paulie because Paulie had the power to intervene and make Tommy stop. Paulie at first pretended that he had no control over Tommy. "If Tommy's a bad seed he's a bad seed, what am I supposed to do?" Paulie claimed.

But Paulie did have power over Tommy, and he took over the restaurant.

Similarly, Obama does have power over Holder. Holder serves at the whim of the President.

Obama should give a speech tonight in which he announces "YES I CAN-FIRE ERIC HOLDER". He can even have his MTV-HOLLYWOOD friends make a song out of it.

Seriously, he has to announce that if Holder does not back off, he will be terminated. In addition, he should announce a blanket pardon for anyone that Holder wanted to investigate.

Now for the most part, I can understand policy differences between political parties.

But going after CIA members for what they did to terrorists is sheer madness. It would be like going after the Army Rangers for roughing up a few Nazi's on D-Day.

If you have any doubts on how I feel about the torture of terrorists, click onto the prior post below:

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