Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Duke: The Rape No One Wants To Tell You About

If I said to you "Did you hear about the Duke rape case?" How would you reply? I'm guessing 99 of you would refer to the lacrosse case, while one would say "Coach K raped somebody?"

But I am not referring to the lacrosse hoax. I am referring to something that if the arrest warrant is true, is unspeakably evil. And the fact that the media has not told you about it tells you everything you need to know about the main stream media.

Frank Lombard is the Associate Director of Health Policy at Duke University. In June Lombard was arrested by the FBI for child molestation.

I have read the arrest warrant, and the case is as sick as can be imagined. I will not get into the specific graphic details, but you should know the following:

Lombard lives with his gay partner (who is not implicated in this case) and has an adopted 5 year old African-American child.

On at least three occasions Lombard was seen on a webcam engaged in molesting his adopted son.

Chat transcripts released when Lombard was arrested show Lombard was asked on-line how he had access to the child. Lombard responded that he adopted the child, and it is easy to adopt black children.

Lombard allowed others to molest his adopted son as well.

Lombard is alleged to have told the undercover on-line investigator, that he could have his way with the child if he flew to the Raleigh/Durham area.

The media has chosen to bury this story. Why? If the lacrosse team was fair game to slander and condemn without a shred of credible evidence, where is the outrage over this twisted f**k?

Where are the high and mighty Duke professors? They signed on, as a group, 88 faculty members in all, in condemning the lacrosse team members via a protest letter. Where are these 88 faculty members in this matter?

Nobody lives a more pie-in-the sky existence than faculty members with tenure. I remember a couple of years back, a New York Law School professor was busted for kiddie porn on his school computer. It was discovered when his computer was down, and the professor called school technicians to fix it.

The amount of kiddie porn found on this professor both on his computer at work and in his home, was the largest ever confiscated by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

Yet incredibly, the school faculty stood by this animal. Their deranged arguments ranged from "its a victimless crime" to "academic freedom". Yes, these are the people in charge of developing young minds. (Oh, and guess what? The techy who discovered the kiddie porn and properly reported it was later fired by the school.)

So I really don't expect much real-world outrage from the ivy tower.

But the main-stream media should be all over this. Why haven't they?

It's the gay adoption part of the story that has the media running away from this story like Michael Vick running away from a bunch of revenge-minded pit bulls.

Think about it: You cannot report this story without explaining how Lombard had access to the child. If Lombard grabbed the kid in a department store we would have known about it because the media would have reported it.

But Lombard is openly gay and adopted a male child that he allegedly raped and offered too others to rape as well.

The media is afraid that if this case if publicly known, it would hurt the cause of gay adoption.

So they bury it.

Tell me what else would explain the lack of coverage?

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Big said...

I read Pravda (a/k/a) NY Times, visit all sorts of news websites, from CNN.com to MSNBC.com, etc., and watch cable news at night and, until now hadn't heard about this arrest until I read the above. I guess this supports the premise of the above article.