Monday, August 24, 2009

Teaching Ain't Easy

I think Math is the hardest thing to teach well. First, its boring as hell. Next, its harder than trying to explain to a liberal why welfare is not good for human beings. Plus, if you miss one step, it throws the whole thing off.

Its no wonder that New York City had to import math teachers from Europe; its a specialized skill that not to many people have.

Which brings me to Obama and his explaining of the various health care proposals.

Every time I see him trying to explain what he wants to do with the health care system, he comes off like a bad math teacher trying to fake his way through an equation.

And the citizens who have questions on it are like students who know more than the teacher. And the teacher faking his way through math has to hate that, right?

Why is the President with the golden tongue in need of the Heimlich maneuver whenever he talks about heath care?

It's because its really not his thing. He's really just not into it.

Here's the deal: Obama ran on two things (1) his biography; and (2) he did not support the war from the beginning. That's it.

Hillary ran on health care, so Obama grudgingly came up with a plan to offset Hillary during the primaries.

Obama needed to neutralize Hillary. And he did. Remember during the primaries the two of them debating who had the better health care proposal? It was unwatchable. No one knew what the hell they were talking about.

But it worked for Obama. During the late primaries, he was like a boxer who was assured of the judges decision if he just finish on his feet. By talking health care gibberish, Obama finished on his feet.

Which brings us to the current health care debate. When Democrats win the Oval Office there is something in their DNA which makes them want to nationalize health care as soon as they get into office.

Clinton had the bug (as well as other viruses) and now Obama has it. But Obama's heart is not in it. He is being pushed, by the political version of the Jon Benet Ramsay stage mother, Nancy Pelosi.

Seriously, if Obama was really passionate about health care, why did he give Congress/Senate full control in coming up with a bill? Wouldn't he want to lead on this?

Do you think Reagan would have left it to Congress to come up with tax or anti-Soviet policies?

God No. That was his passion.

Obama's passion is.... himself. He wrote two books, both of which covered the same subject: the life of Barack Obama. He was a law professor for 14 years, and did not write one paper. (Although he admits he rolled a few in his day.)

Back in the Chicago community organizing days, health care was so much easier. If someone needed it, Barack pointed people to the nearest welfare-social security-Medicaid office.

But when you plan on taking over 1/6 of the U.S. economy people will pick up their pitchforks and rise up.

The people don't understand "single payer option" when Barack is talking. But they do know that the government could not run OTB, so why trust the bureaucrats as your medical provider?

As of now, Barack is metaphorically speaking where Alexander Hamilton was when he accepted Aaron Burr's challenge to a duel. They both didn't want to be in that position, but they also both painted themselves into a corner.

Let's see how it plays out.

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